Hotel Policy for COVID-19

The family of Golden Sun wants to face the new facts that have come up with the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic and following the instructions of the National Organization of Public Health organized and trained their staff on specific procedures that have to do with reception, cleaning and service.


In this framework we developed a certain activity plan with individual protocols for every area of the accommodation, especially in case of an epidemic crisis( dealing with a possible Covid-19 case). The goal of the activity plan is the prevention of the appearance and the efficient handling of suspicious cases, for the restriction of expansion to the staff and tenants. The activity plan will be complied with the National Organization of Public Health recommendations and will be revised according to the developments.


Our hotel (accommodation) has received the certificate “Health First” that proves that our business meets the health protocols.
Under the circumstances, some of our Facilities may vary this season. You may get in touch with us for any questions about the new details.


The activity plan forms the accommodation policy as follows:


All the members of our staff have been trained to accomplish and support the individual protocols in each departments of the accommodation. A file of the staff training is kept according to the members, period, and the form of training.
*the means of Individual Protection (gloves, masks, antiseptics) are given and renewed regularly.(frequently).
* A file is kept of the staff members and all the people who stayed in the hotel: name, nationality ,date of arrival and departure, communication details so that communication with the close contacts of possible Covid-19 cases that might need to be identified later.


* A protective Plexiglas has been placed.
* There is antiseptic fluid for the use of the clients
* A notice on the floor placed 2 meters from where the client stands.
* Avoidance of overcrowding during check-in/check-out-distance kept.
* investigation of duration of check-out and check-in between stays for careful cleaning of rooms to be done:
Check-in: 15:00 p.m.
Check-out: 11:00 a.m.
*Furniture placed in such a way so overcrowding will be avoided in public places (4individuals/10m2)


Cleaning of rooms-public spaces
* Enhancement of cleaning services in all public spaces and especially in high risk objects.
* Put individual antiseptic fluid in obvious points in public places
*Daily cleaning service and making of bed is available upon request
*Careful cleaning and exposure to air of the rooms between checking.
*Placement of disposable plastic cover on the remote controls of televisions and air-conditions.
* All fabrics cleaned with steam cleaner.


Café Bar-Breakfast
* Placement of tables in the room for a specific amount of people per square except family members. Distance more than 1,5m “back to back” of the chairs. Clients sit opposite in distance 1,5m.
* Room service is available


Thank You
Golden Sun Ios